AAS-in-ASIA 2018 New Delhi Presenation


2018.07.05-06, AAS-in-Asia, New Delhi,


In a session titled “The Mongols Mattered: Cultural, Social, and Commercial Changes During the Mongol Century,” (in case it wasn’t clear, the panel title was a nod to the recently published book “How Mongolia Mattered”), I joined my former colleagues and presented “Marriage Rules on the non-Han in Yuan China: Revisiting the Edict of 1340.”

It was also a great reunion with my former Yale colleagues. Well, full disclosure, all of the presenters were students of Valerie Hansen. Each of their presentations were

Yiwen Li – “Sending Ships to China to Finance Monastery Construction: The Trade between the Mongol Empire and the Japanese Archipelago, 1270 – 1368”

Yong Cho – “Redefining Arts vs. Crafts: the Mongol Cultural System”

Huge thanks for Vikas Rathee for joining us as the chair at the last moment!

The PPT of this presentation is available in the link here.

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