A first eyes look at Zhizheng tiaoge (至正條格)

Being part of the Jangseogak Archives means that I have access to Zhizheng tiaoge, the last officially published code of the Yuan dynasty, reportedly lost until it was found in Korea, 2002. The story of the discovery itself is fascinating. When the descendants of the original owner, the Son family of Gyeongju (慶州 孫氏) planned to … Continue reading A first eyes look at Zhizheng tiaoge (至正條格)

AAS-in-ASIA 2018 New Delhi Presenation

  2018.07.05-06, AAS-in-Asia, New Delhi,   In a session titled "The Mongols Mattered: Cultural, Social, and Commercial Changes During the Mongol Century," (in case it wasn't clear, the panel title was a nod to the recently published book "How Mongolia Mattered"), I joined my former colleagues and presented "Marriage Rules on the non-Han in Yuan China: … Continue reading AAS-in-ASIA 2018 New Delhi Presenation