MARKUS presentation (2018.03.03)


Two weeks ago, on the 3rd of March, I gave a presentation on MARKUS to the [Korean] Society for Song-Yuan Studies (송원사학회/宋元史學會) at Ehwa Woman’s University.

Presentations like these don’t translate well into those only familiar with the US academia. Is it a conference presentation? No, it was only me and the members of the Society. Then was it an informal study group? Well, it’s a bit more formal than that. How is it possible? It’s mostly possible due to the fact that Seoul (and the metropolitan area) is so densely populated with many universities and colleges, and it’s Korea, so we have more historian dedicated to Song-Yuan studies (including other East Asian states that existed during this period) than you would imagine – trust me, after a long time in the American academia, this also came to me as a surprise.


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