First Six Months at Jangseogak, AKS

As of July 1st, 2018, I’ve left NYU Shanghai and become a full time “researcher (연구원/研究員)” at the Jangseogak Archives, Academy of Korean Studies (韓國學中央研究院, 藏書閣). The movement was so fast, abrupt and rushed, and the busy transition has prevented me from writing any blog posts.

In many ways, the “researcher” position at a center dedicated to Korean studies is something that I had not expected or even imagined. To some degree, one might call it an alt-career for a Ph. D. in history. I would agree.

My job title here is “researcher” and my main task is something broadly defined as “globalization.” Essentially, my work involves anything that involves English here. International conferences, short and long translations, workshops and events aimed at an international audience … you name it. Specific in the sense that these tasks all are connected to “English” but also vague in the sense that so many thing can involve English.

Although I’m not a Koreanist, the job requirements and my qualifications were a perfect match. Jangseogak needed someone who can execute their international inspirations (English), someone that can communicate effectively in the local native language (Korean), and someone who can independently read and research the materials here (Classical Chinese).

A shared fixed office, a decent pay, and job security is also a huge plus!



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